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Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs: What are They?

Diabetic alert dogs are dogs trained to assist people with diabetes - Type I and II, adults and children. 

They are trained to alert the person or a caregiver to significant fluctuations (low or high) in their glucose levels. A diabetic alert dog is NOT a replacement for regular monitoring. It is an added diabetes management tool.

Dogs are trained to recognize the unique smells that result when glucose levels change significantly - these smells are not noticeable to people. If a person's diabetes is well-managed and their glucose levels do not frequently fluctuate, dogs will not be able to help.

Dogs are also trained to retrieve items that help with the management of the condition, or get a person for help if needed.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, Handi-Dogs can assist you to train a dog to do this work. We will first evaluate your dog to evaluate his natural 'scent' ability. If you want to train for public access, we will also assess your dog for sound temperament.

A breed that usually meets both criteria is the Labrador Retriever. However, we work with any dog that shows promise. Brachycephalic breed dogs (short-nosed dogs) are not recommended.

For dogs age 5 months and older, click the following link to learn about our program:

Learn more about our Service Dog Training a with full public access privileges and how to apply.

If you do not need to take your dog out in public with you, and just want it trained to alert at home:

Learn more about our In-Home Assistance Dog Training and how to register for lessons.

For puppies under the age of 5 months, we can begin the diabetic alert training in your home:

Learn more about our In-Home Assistance Dog Training and how to register for lessons. 

We also recommend that your puppy attend a puppy kindergarten for socialization. After the age of 5 months, we can assess the dog for admittance into our Service Dog Training Program.

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