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Doggie Shorts - A Furry Film Fest

Benefiting Handi-Dogs

April 20, 2019  

at the Loft Cinema
(3233 E. Speedway, Tucson AZ  85716)

Join us at our 4th Annual Doggie Shorts - A Furry Film Fest.

Doggie Shorts is a selection of 10 second to 10 minute short films and videos from across the globe - all featuring dogs. All genres included from documentaries that will touch your heart to just plain fun and quirky. Produced in partnership with the Bow Wow Film Festival and The Loft Cinema.

VIP (Very Important Pup) Supporter Packages! Become a VIP Supporter and you can bring your pet dog to Doggie Shorts, plus get 2 tickets (for people), plus 2 reserved seats and more.  See full details or email Service@Handi-Dogs.org.

Tickets are $20.. Tickets are sold through The Loft Cinema - buy online or at their box office.

This is a people only event. Trained service dogs welcome. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

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