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About Handi-Dogs, Inc.



Handi-Dogs, Inc., one of the oldest assistance dog training programs in the country, was founded as a pilot program in 1973 to teach people with disabilities how to train their own dogs to be their assistance dogs. The organization was incorporated in 1977.


Handi-Dogs, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization. We were granted tax-exempt status in July, 1978. Our FEIN is 95-3247091. Contributions to our organization are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.


We receive donations from individuals, corporations, and social and civic groups to support our programs. We also receive support from foundations, local government, and community-based grant making organizations.

Our goal is to offer our services to those who need them for a nominal fee. Thank you for your support!

Tax deductible contributions can be made in the form of:

Cash/Check/Visa or MasterCharge, PayPal;
Planned Giving Programs;
Employer/Employee Donation Programs;
Bequests & Memorials;
Gifts in Kind.

Handi-Dogs is eligible for Arizona State Tax Credit Contributions.


2012-2013 Annual Report - year ending June 30, 2013

IRS 990 for 2012-2013 year ending June 30, 2013

2011-2012 Annual Report - year ending June 30, 2012

2011 Compiled Financial Statements - year ending June 30, 2012

2010 Audited Financial Statements - year ending June 30, 201

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