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Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure Response vs. Seizure Alert

Some dogs will alert to seizures (or other medical conditions) naturally. If you have a dog that is offering this behavior, it can be reinforced.

However, there is no known way to train a dog to alert to seizures before they happen.

The problem is that no one knows what the dog is sensing or responding to. It could be smell or body language. Without knowing what the dog is sensing, there is no way to train to warn of an on-coming seizure.

Dogs can be trained to respond to seizures after they happen, if the seizure is recognizable. They can also help in other ways (by calming the person, by carrying medical information, etc.).

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Handi-Dogs can help you train a seizure response dog, or if your dog is alerting to seizures, we can help train the obedience and public access behaviors that are necessary for service work.

For more information about our program and the services we offer, please return to our Service Dog page.

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