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Thank you for your interest in Handi-Dogs! Here are our Volunteer Opportunities:

Graphic Artist and/or Illustrator Volunteers: Periodically we need the help of creative talent to make our messaging more visually appealing. Can work remotely. 

Dogtoberfest (Special Event) Volunteers: Interested in helping at our annual Fall Fundraiser? We need adults to help with set-up, tear-down, and staffing different booths/activities on the day-of the event. We also need people to help us with the planning of the event (work begins in May).

Landscape Volunteers: If you like to work outside, we could really use your help about once a quarter to help keep our outside area clear of weeds, swept, trimmed and looking nice.

Office Volunteers: Currently we have no openings in this area.

Rescue to Service Fosters: Click here for more information

Training Dept. Volunteers:Requires a long-term commitment to assisting in a weekly class, and a commitment to learning and practicing our positive training methods. We cannot accommodate volunteer requests for children/young teens,& required community service hours, or school assignments/extra credit.


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